I will Always Be Happy ( Non/Au Fanfic?)

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    I will Always Be Happy ( Non/Au Fanfic?) Empty I will Always Be Happy ( Non/Au Fanfic?)

    Post  Flynn Rider on Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:33 am

    (( It might come true, it might not. x33~

    Dedicated to Carly cause I love her soo much and I hope I do our child proud :'D ))

    The Sun shined through the cottage window into Flynn’s closed eyes. He mumbled at the brightness and turned into the temporarily empty spot next to him in the bed. As he relaxed, he hears pattering across the floor and the bed deflates. A girl bounces up and down on the bed, waking her Father up.

    “Wake up sleepy head!!” She yells, her excitement exploding the roof off.

    “It’s too early Rosie.” Flynn mumbles, trying to ignore his daughter.

    “Well, I’m hungry! And I can’t cook because you believe that I will burn the house down, remember?” Rosie says, blinking her identical blue eyes at him.

    “Fine, fine. I’m getting up alright?” Flynn groans, sitting up. Rosie instantly jumps off and heads out of the room. Flynn yawns, swinging his legs off the bed and stretching. He stands, grabbing a shirt off the dresser and buttons it up as he walks out and towards the kitchen.

    “Did you-?”

    “Get all of the supplies, feed Max, brush his mane and tail, cleaned up my play area, and brushed my hair? Yes, I did~!” She giggles, smiling at him from her corner on top of the counter. Flynn chuckles, surprised how much mature she is for only being Seven. As he cooks her favorite meal, she watches him intently, pointing out what he did wrong from watching her mother do it all the time. He gave her a plate and she ate it in 4 big bites.

    “So I’m guessing mine is better than your mother’s?”

    “No, nothing will ever be as great as mommy’s. I’m just hungry.” Rosie tells him, sticking a tongue out at her father. Flynn chuckles at his child, drinking from his mug.

    “Did you get a note from your mother yet?” He asked, knowing that Belle liked to send the birds as soon as she got to her destination.

    “Yep, came in while I was feeding Max. She said that she’s fine and she got in yesterday night. She won’t be back till tomorrow morning.” Rosie tells Flynn, eating another bite.

    “So it’s just me and you today, kiddo? Or are you going over to your Aunt’s house to play with Damon?”

    “I wish, but Auntie Marina is taking Damon to a Council meeting today. Unless we can-?”


    “Why not, you never take me to Council meetings!” Rosie protested, looking up at her father with angered eyes.

    “For one, your mother wanted me to stay home with you today. And Two, you can’t stop talking for five minutes without telling me what’s on your mind. I blame Aunt Esme for that one. “

    “That’s not true! I can stop talking for as long as I want!” Rosie says, crossing her arms.

    “Oh really?” Flynn raises an eyebrow.

    “Yes really.”

    “Fine, if you can stop talking for five minutes, I’ll take you to the council meeting.” Flynn says as he watches Rosie makes a gesture of zipping her lips. He takes her plate and his and placed them in the sink, washing them off casually. He counted mentally in his head as he turns towards her after two minutes and she starts talking again.

    “Well, that’s not fair! I don’t want to stay home today!” Rosie whines, looking at her Dad with pleading eyes. He shakes his head.

    “Sorry Kiddo, Mom’s rules. And we have nowhere to go except the square.”

    “Gross, no thank you. All the stupid people are there.” Rosie says, making a scrunch in her tiny nose. Her grin widens as Flynn sees her hatching a plot in her idea. “We can go to the Bandit party today!”
    Flynn furrows his brow, “Where did you hear about that from?”

    “While I was ‘pretending’ to sleep in my room. I can hear everything that you and mommy talk about, you know.”
    Flynn shakes his head, from both statements. “I’m definitely not taking you there.”

    “Why not???!?!? I haven’t seen the bandits in a long time!”

    “Cause your mother will put me on a stake if I take you there.”

    “She doesn’t have to know, you know. It can be our little secret.” Rosie giggles, placing her elbows on the counter with her face implanted on her hands. Flynn narrows his eyes at his little girl and she narrows them back.

    “Do you do this whenever I’m gone with your mother?”

    “She usually says yes to me.”

    “You’re lying.”

    “How can you tell?”

    “Your Dad is a professional liar, my darling. You picked that up well from me.” Rosie gives him sad, pleading eyes. “Pleeaaassseee?”

    “No Rosie…” Flynn tells her firmly, standing his ground. Until she did her signature move that she picked up from her Mother and her Uncle. She pushes out her bottom lip, giving him the pout that Belle gives him whenever she wanted something. And boy, it worked on him. Now, it’s worse when Rosie does it because she looked exactly like Belle. He huffs and seeing the shine in her eyes, both of them knew that she won.

    “Go put on your Forest outfit.” He commands and she squeals in delight, hopping off the counter and running into her room.
    “That girl will be the death of me…” Flynn mumbles going into his room.

    Flynn kneels down, fastening Rosie’s cloak onto her before lifting her up onto Max. He hoisted himself behind her and grabbed the reins, wrapping his arms securely around his child. He taps his foot against Max and he rides off in the forest, still running like the young stallion he used to be. They went the opposite way of the Village and deep into the forest until they come across this cave, barred by wood and stone. As they approach, the guard from the top of the cave looks down at them and Rosie waves happily at him. The guard waves and lowers the wooden gate, allowing them to enter in the cave. The Cave inside was huge, just about as huge as the castle, with several of walkable levels. When Flynn was younger, the elder bandits used to tell legends of how their fathers spent 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, and 7 days building and carving the rooms inside their stone castle. And on the 7th hour of that that 7th day, they finally finished, opening it to their wives and children. Flynn always speculated how ‘coincidence’ it ending up being exactly like that, but it always made a great child story. Flynn left Max inside of the ‘stables’ where the other horses stayed and he carried Rosie as he walked in the main dining hall. Once he opened the door, an explosion of music, alcohols stench, and yelling hit both of them head on. They were both greeted by Flynn’s childhood friends.

    “Flynn!” One of the older men with a long black beard greeted. He had a mug filled with Ale in his hand and he slapped Flynn’s back with his other. “You came! I thought you told us you had to stay home and watch Rosie?!”

    “Yea, well. She convinced me otherwise, Old friend.” Flynn chuckles a bit. The man shrugs before taking Rosie’s hand and greeting her as a young lady.

    “It’s a pleasure to see you Miss Rose-Anne. First time I’ve seen you without your mother attached to you.” Rosie giggles with a shrug before a few of the children call her name. She looks over with excitement, wiggling away from her father and running over.

    “Rosie!” Flynn goes to chase after her before being stopped.

    “Flynn, let her be. She’s a child and she’ll be fine. I promise. Have a drink!” The man says, handing Flynn a mug.

    “You know I don’t drink…”

    “But this is a special occasion! Are you turning old on me already?!” Flynn shakes his head before giving into the suggestion and taking a swing.

    After a few hours of laughing, cheering, screaming, and drinking, Flynn bellowed one last laugh before asking for the time from one of the wives.

    “It’s a little past sunset.” She replies and Flynn knew it was time to take Rosie back home before he got really drunk. He asked where the children went and he stumbled over to the direction.

    “Rosie~!” He calls a little hiccup in his voice. He sees the group of kids smacking each other with swords but No Rose-Anne. He walks over, looking around before finally asking a kid whether he’s seen Rose-Anne. The kid shrugs and runs off, joining the others. Flynn furrows his brows, looking around with concern. He jogs around, asking villagers if they’ve seen her and none of them knew where she was. He grew even more concerned and ran around the whole place. She couldn’t have left cave but why hasn’t anyone seen her? He could only think the worse as he looked in the main places she would be at. Maybe someone grabbed her? He thought, panic in his eyes.

    “Rose-Anne!” He yells, not hearing or seeing her anywhere. His heart beat painfully in his chest as he couldn’t find his daughter. His only daughter, the person that surrounded his life along with Belle, his whole world, and he lost her because he decided to drink instead of paying attention to her! Any could have happened to her now! When did she disappear? Who took her?!

    “Rose-Anne! Rosie!! Where are-?” He stops, seeing Max in the stables, lying on the ground with a small bundle curled right next to him. Flynn walks over, seeing his small daughter, napping on Max. Her cloak covered her body like a blanket and her wavy hair framed her small face.

    “Rosie…” Flynn coos, brushing her hair away from her eyes as she blinks her eyes open. She smiles, opening her arms as her father grabbed her and hugged her close. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were tired? I was so worried that I lost you…”

    “I wanted you to have fun for once rather than have to worry about me. Mommy always talks about how you’re so stressed of trying to keep me and her safe. I just wanted you to be happy.” Rosie explains, looking up at him with her blue eyes.

    “Oh Rosie.” Flynn sighs, hugging her again and standing up. He tickles her nose with his and she giggles. “I will always be happy, as long as I have you and your Mother in my life…. Now let’s go home and just spend tonight together? Alright?”

    Rosie nods, pausing for a bit before speaking, “Can we shoot the birds with arrows again?”

    Flynn grins, that was his little girl. “Of course we can.”

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    Post  Marina on Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:26 pm

    d'aawwwwwwwww, Bri!!!
    I've died of the cuteness of this fanfic...! <<<<333
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    Post  Charlotte La Bouff on Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:30 pm


    I'm glad you liked it :'D~

    I was soo worried tha I didn't get Rosie right x3
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    Post  Belle Rolfe on Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:41 am

    You have made my month.
    This child is amazing. But, so is her daddy.
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    Post  Jasmine on Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:17 am

    <3 I'm glad I did 8'D

    As I told Cami. She has Belle's Energentic personality and her smarts (( book wise x3 )), Flynn's caring and sly side with is smarts, (( street wise )), and anything else that she gained is either from Esme, John, Damon, or Marina x3

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    Post  Jim on Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:04 am

    D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww<333333333333333 8'D me loves this child so much already ;3;

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