Family Bonding [Marina/Damon/Stefan/John future Fanfic]


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    Family Bonding [Marina/Damon/Stefan/John future Fanfic] Empty Family Bonding [Marina/Damon/Stefan/John future Fanfic]

    Post  Marina on Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:55 pm

    A short, and weak fanfic >.<, about Marina and the boys, Damon and Stefan. The child in the gif is supposed to be Damon, :3
    Family Bonding [Marina/Damon/Stefan/John future Fanfic] Tumblr_lxxb1m2XUc1r5ruse

    It was a gloomy evening, and Marina was alone at home with the boys. It has been a few days since John went for one of his assignments for the Council. Marina watched the storm coming through the window and sighed knowing she had to arrange some things before it started raining. She finished her paper work and walked to the kitchen, giving some orders and making sure everything was in order at the house.

    “Where is Jasmine?”, Marina asked Sophia, one of the new staff. “Miss Jasmine? She spent some time with the little boys before putting them to sleep and went out”. She smiled softly, Jasmine has become an important person to her, and Marina gave her free will to do whatever she wants. “Did she tell where she was going?”, Marina asked softly, and the maid gave her an apologetic smile. “She didn’t, Milady…”

    “That’s okay. Just make sure everything I asked it’s done before the storm, and you are all free to go”, she gave the maid a small smile and then walked upstairs. While her bath was being prepared, she stopped by the boy’s room. She smiled fondly seeing Damon sleeping peaceful on his little bed, and she walked next to Stefan’s crib… The little one was still awake, but at least he wasn’t crying. He cried a lot last night, sometimes Marina knew he did it to draw the attention to him, but that time he had a stomachache. Marina gave him some tea and watched over him during the whole night long.

    “Oh, you look so much better than yesterday, don’t you?”, she cooed softly, and nested him on her arms. She walked to the chair next to the crib and breastfeed him. She smiled fondly during all the process, looking intently into his little green eyes. She was caressing his little hand with her finger when he firmly grabbed it with his little ones. She let a small laugh out and caressed his little fingers with her thumb. After feeding him, she nestled him on her shoulder and hummed him her old lullaby that her mother used to sing to her. Once he was fast asleep, she kissed his temple softly and laid him on his crib. Turning around she walked towards Damon and smiled fondly at him while she brushed some of his hair from his face, “Good night, my angel”, she whispered softly and kissed his forehead before walking back to her room.

    Marina took her bath calmly, and as soon she got out from the bathtub she heard the first rain drops hitting the roof. She smiled and walked towards her bed after she dressed herself. The noise from the rain and the little crackles of the fire was relaxing. She was almost falling asleep when she heard a little cracking from the door.
    “Mummy…”, the three years old Damon was standing next to the door frame. He was looking down to his little feet and fidgeting with the arm of his little knitted bear.

    She walked next to him and knelt down… “What’s wrong, hun?”, she asked softly, but still a bit worried about her son. “Thunders… hurt my ears”, he whined and looked briefly into his mother’s eyes before turning his gaze away again. “Do you want to lay down next to me, while this storm isn’t over?”, she asked softly and Damon nodded after thinking for a moment. He walked towards the bed, and did had some difficult to climb up, but Marina wrapped her arms gently around his little frame and laid them both on the bed.

    She just watched him with tender eyes, she knew her son didn’t like much contact, and as he didn’t complained about her touch, she held his hand gently into hers. “Mum? Do you hear them? The thunders?”, he asked quietly, looking down to his little bear. “Yes, I can hear them and they scare me a little”, she whispered quietly next to his little ear. “They do?”, Damon asked quietly and looked up to his mother with the corner of his eyes. “Hmmhmm”, she cooed softly, “When they are too close, it hurts my ears too… But they can’t deceive me, you know why? Because they warn before they make their noise, if you see the lightning, you sure will hear them right after…”, she said quietly and brushed the hair from his face. “How do you know it?”, he asked shyly, and fidgeted with his little bear again. “I know it because your grandpa told me when I was scared”, she whispered simply, “So when you see the lightning, all you have to do is cover your ears with the hands, this way they can’t hurt you”. Damon nodded quietly and stayed by his mother side, trying to sleep again. However when he saw a flash, he promptly put his little hand upon his ear, and it didn’t take too long until the thunder could be heard. “It worked a little…”, he said quietly and closed his eyes again. “I told ya…”, Marina whispered softly, and seeing he was falling asleep again, she kissed the top of his head and rested her hand upon his ear.

    The storm was over when Marina heard some noises downstairs, and she smiled brightly to the person that walked inside the room. “Oh, I got busted with another man in my bed…”, she whispered playful towards John. He smirked and walked over to the dresser, to change his wet clothes to dry ones. He climbed to the bed, with Damon between them, and cupped her cheeks gently as he kissed her lips tenderly. “What happened?”, he asked quietly, looking down to Damon with worried eyes. “He got scared of the storm… The thunders hurt his ears”, Marina said quietly watching John brushing the hair from Damon’s face and kissing his forehead, “But I could make him sleep again”, she told him.

    “How about you, are you alright?”, he asked, turning his green eyes towards her. “Yes, Stefan and I are great, and I’m happy you’re back home”, she said with a small blush on her cheeks. He grinned back and kissed her lips tenderly again before kissing her forehead. “And I’m happy to be back”, he said softly and lay down, holding her hand into his. He looked tired of the travel, and she smiled softly while watching him falling asleep. John and Damon sleeping peacefully by her side was the last thing Marina saw before she closed her eyes and fell asleep as well.

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