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    Post  Odette on Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:17 pm

    (Little fic I wrote for Odie and Uncle K 8D)
    Odette giggled as she watched her uncle Kent make faces at her while her mom's back was turned. She was sitting on the floor with her toys forgotten next to her. She put her best innocent face on when her mom turned to look at them. "You're not being very subtle Kent." Evangeline said in a light manner as she studied them both. Kent shook his head at Evangeline and then winked at Odette who was doing her best to hide her giggles and failing utterly. "I wasn't really trying to be subtle Eve." He said teasingly. Evangeline rolled her eyes at him while Kent waggled his eyebrows at her. "So Evie where's Richard?" He asked as he changed the subject. Evangeline stiffined and then sighed out, "He's out on patrol...he should be back tonight though." She said and glanced over at Odette who had gone back to playing with her toys. Kent glanced over at Odette as well, "How has she been ever since he accepted the longer hours?" he asked in an undertone. Evangeline sighed, "She's been...quieter lately and..I can tell she misses him." she said sadly. As if sensing that they were talking about her Odette glanced up at them and gave them both a toothy grin. Evangeline and Kent both gave her warm smiles until she started to play with her toys once more. "I only want the best for her Kent." Evangeline said softly as she watched Odette play. Kent nodded and then wrapped an arm around Evangeline's shoulders, "Everything will work out sis...I..I promise." He said softly and kissed her on the head. Evangeline nodded and then lightly chuckled, "Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" she asked teasingly. Kent rolled his eyes, "Always so dramatic." he said with a snort. Evangeline gasped, "I am not dramatic!" she exclamed to which Kent laughed, "Uh yeah sis you kinda are." he said and dodged as she tried hitting him. Odette giggled again as she watched her mom and uncle fake fight with each other, it ended though when Kent scooped Odette up in his arms, "I have a prisoner! Will you yield?" he asked. Evangeline folded her arms and gave Kent a no nonsense stare, "Ok yes I yield cheater." she said and stuck her tongue out at him. Kent gave her a smug smile before kissing Odette on the cheek and setting her back on the ground. Once Odette was safely on the ground Evangeline slapped Kent upside the head, "That was for cheating." she said as she smirked at Kent. "Like I said...always so dramatic." Kent muttered. Evangeline laughed and kissed him on the cheek before she turned to sit down. "You going to stay for dinner?" she asked as she glanced behind her shoulder at Kent. Kent shook his head, "Uh no I have things to sell. Thanks though sis...it was nice seeing you and Odie here." he said and ruffled Odette's hair fondly as he spoke. Odette squeaked in protest and Evangeline laughed gently before she smiled at Kent, "Well I hope you'll come by again, it was nice seeing you." Evangeline said gently. Kent smiled and hugged her, "Yeah it was, say hi to Richard for me." he said before he knelt down and hugged Odette. He didn't know then that that would be the last time he spoke to his sister...

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