Dance With Me? [Shared Fic. W/ Naveen] [MA]


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    Re: Dance With Me? [Shared Fic. W/ Naveen] [MA]

    Post  Aladdin. on Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:37 am

    Ali looked to Naveen when he started to slow down his actions. Seeing the warmth in his eyes made his heart flutter. He cupped Naveens cheek and brought him into a tender kiss. His fingers brushed along the boys spine underneath the shirt Naveen wore. "Aren't there people in the house?" He asked quietly, blushing at the idea of that woman he spoke of stumbling in.

    ((I just realized we're gonna de ja vu ourselves when these two get together on the real side. XD ))

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    Re: Dance With Me? [Shared Fic. W/ Naveen] [MA]

    Post  Naveen on Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:59 am

    ((It will be interesting.XD Naveen might be a bit more shy...))

    Naveen could feel goosebumps rise along his spine following Aladdin's fingers, and his smirk grew as he leaned into Aladdin's kiss. "None that we have to worry about," he answered Aladdin in a whisper against the boy's lips before kissing him again. He then pulled back a bit, just enough to look at Aladdin's face, and looked down at him softly, and seriously. "But if you're really worried..." he mumbled softly before kissing Aladdin's lips once more lightly and then untangling their legs and sliding off the bed. He casually walked over to the bedroom door, a smile on his lips, and then locked it. He then turned back around and smiled mischievously over at Aladdin. He slowly walked back to the bed and, once at the edge, he bent down and captured Aladdin's lips in a deep kiss, and then, while maintaining the kiss, climbed over him onto the bed and re-tangled their legs and his fingers in Aladdin's hair.

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